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Events & military

Our products are designed to efficiently serve  needs for shelter from billeting and storage to hangers for airplanes. Designed and engineered for long-term use or expeditionary and deployable missions, they install quickly and meet high wind and snow loads in every environment. The product line is recognized for quality, advanced engineering, exceptional past performance in the field and the price-to-value ratio for military and industrial applications. We are responsive and dedicated to the success of your mission and will go anywhere you go.


Mobile solutions

From expeditionary structures, power generation, and energy efficiency, to storage, vehicles, heavy equipment, and tool kits for maintenance, our experience is able to provide the solutions for:

  • Electric generator 

  • Solar Energy 

  • Lighting 

  • Heating 

  • Checkers



We provide a variety of mobile solutions:


  • ​Mobile field kitchen Feeding and Heating Solutions, Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Efforts for

  • safe and efficient heating and cooking needs

  • The trailer Water tank is equipped with height-adjustable shaft for attachment to towing vehicles of various types,

                                                                                              based on the height and type.

  • Integrated mobile device – water clean system

  • Isothermal box trailer with cooling aggregate

  • Mobile lighting tower for lighting of handling space in field conditions


Flexible fuel tanks are the best logistical solution for storing hydrocarbons. They can be simply and rapidly transported, no matter where they are to be installed.

The strength of these tanks coupled with the rapidity of their installation means that they have become the preferred fuel storage system for organizations working in remote areas.

These flexible tanks can be used to establish both primary and secondary fuel depots. They provide continuity in the petrol supply chain by facilitating a range of operations:

The storage of jet fuel for refueling aircraft or other vehicles,

Providing power plants with diesel,

Supplying mining vehicles with fuel,

Supplying fuel for base-camp generators …


Our forklift and crane service will help you assess your project and then develop a safe and efficient plan to complete each phase of the project. Safety is critical to our team, whether working on small or large scale heavy lifting projects.


Following extensive research and trials we only work with trusted and most reliable manufacturers for personal protection gear . Main protective equipment includes respirators, eye protection, hearing protection and protective clothing etc…

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